Multi currency enable

Hello Team,

Is square allow to accept payment with multiple currencies?
Right now my business account is based on US country and I am only able to collect payment of USD currency. But I want to accept payment with GBP, EUR, and many more. So is it possible?
Right now I am getting error like: “This business can only process payments in USD but the amount was provided in EUR.”

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately not; you can only process payments for the currency for your country. You can, however, accept currencies from anywhere, and the customer’s bank will handle the conversion/exchange rate. So, you can still accept a card from GB or EU, but charge them in USD and the conversion will happen automatically by the bank.

Hello Mr.stephen,

Thank you for your replay.But, We are using redirect website checkout. So This Square Payment Is available on our website and using that customer can able to pay their order. So In that can we want to accept payment from the different - different currency. So in this case what is the result ?

Sorry, I’m not sure I fully understand your question. The merchant account that the access token is tied to must use the currency from the country it’s based in. For example, if you’re charging on a US-based account, you can only accept USD and nothing else. There’s no way around that, unless you were to successfully create a Square account in another supported country.