Square multi currency support for payments api

I get a lot of errors with currency conversion. Here is an example “This business can only process payments in GBP but amount was provided in EUR”. We process these payments using “Square direct payments”. Why square payments API does not handle it internally? We need this as guest choses his own currency for payments and owner can have different currency in their square account. Any workaround to solve this problem?

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Hi @swapnil.chavan18 welcome to the forums!

This was answered here: Multi currency enable - #2 by sjosey, but I will quote it below:

Unfortunately not; you can only process payments for the currency for your country. You can, however, accept currencies from anywhere, and the customer’s bank will handle the conversion/exchange rate. So, you can still accept a card from GB or EU, but charge them in USD and the conversion will happen automatically by the bank.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, I’m happy to help!

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@sjosey - So what I understood owner can only accept in his country’s currency and guest has to pay it in owner/Square account holder’s currency. Is it correct?

Point 2 you mentioned that bank can handle the exchange, but how it can be done with Square API, I don’t get any clue on it. Can you explain how this is possible with Square payments API.

Also if guest has to pay in owner/Square account holder’s currency, which api gives account’s currency so that we can set it in our program so that guest needs to pay only in the currency of owner/Square account. Thanks for your quick response.

I’m not sure I’m following, sorry. For example, if your Square merchant account is based in the US, then you can only accept USD. This means, that even if a customer from the GB comes to your site, they will be charged in USD via the API. On their bank’s side, the bank will automatically convert the USD to GBD to see how much to actually take out and charge them. This is not something the Square APIs will do, but something the bank will do.

As for your last question, you can find the currency using the ListMerchants endpoint.

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How can we add this as a feature request. We’re based in the UK and most of our customers are from the USA. Telling the picky americans that their card will be charged in UK pounds, (when the web price is listed in US dollars) and have the associated bank fees and rates is gonna be a tough sell. With Paypal we do not have this issue, we can bill USD with our UK account. And yeah, I’m sure its a lot of work at your end. :slight_smile: