Cannot Verify Domain for Apple Pay

Hello. I’m trying to enable apple pay and google pay button.
Google pay worked, but apple pay is not showing up on web browsers.
I guess because I have to verify the domain first…

So I uploaded the verification file to

But it keeps saying PENDING when I try to verify.
Am I missing something?

Apple pay will verify pretty quickly. If it’s in a PENDING state that normally means that the certificate isn’t correctly added to the domain. Can you confirm that it’s been successfully uploaded to the right domain?

Hi Bryan. Thanks. The problem was a non-www to www redirect on my domain. I got it verified now, BUT unfortunately it still doesn’t work.

My google pay button works, masterpass works, but the apple-pay button gives me:
“No active card available in the Apple Wallet or domain not registered.”

I spent several hours on this today and I did make sure the wallet has a working card (I purchased something from the App Store to test my wallet)
It’s a U.S. Card and a U.S apple account and the domain is verified?
I tried on IOS Safari on a new iPhone where Apple Pay is supported.

Hi @fmentert, is the site hosted where we can take a look?

Hi Bryan. Yes, here:
This is a test page and I just set it back to sandbox mode:

Regular payments, google pay and masterpass work. Bur for apple pay I get that “wallet or domain verification”-error.

I just tested with the link you provided and Apple Pay worked for me. If you check your sandbox seller Dashboard do you see my payment?

Hello Bryan!
I verified my domain but still get error…

I guess you have missing files can you share your complete submission form I guess I may help you out here