Blocked Payments Report missing entries

I have a user who is using our Square Integration who started using Square’s Risk Manager. They were looking at the Blocked Payments section and noticed that some recent payments that they knew to be rejected were not on the list.

I tested this myself and I noticed the same thing. It seems to be if you do a few bad payments in a row, only some of the payments make it to the Blocked Payment report but not all of them.

Is there any reason why this would be?

Are you noticing the last one(s) are the ones appearing on the blocked payments list? I would suspect that if a customer enters an invalid card number (or bad CVV), that of course the payment would be declined, but it wouldn’t necessarily be blocked by our risk manager. In other words, not every declined payment will show up on this list, only those that are actually being blocked by the risk manager.

With that said, if you believe it is incorrect, feel free to share a few payment_ids and I’ll take a closer look and share with the risk team to confirm.

I tested 4 payments using an invalid cc number and 3 of the 4 showed up in the Block Payments list. The first show up, the second didn’t (which was done immediately after the first). Then I did a third a 10 minutes later which showed up and a fourth a while after that which also showed up.

I used an invalid CC for all 4 of them. Shouldn’t each of the fails show up if they all failed for the same reason?

Let me ping the team on this one, can you provide the location_id or payment_id in question so I can escalate to make sure I’m not providing incorrect information?

There are no payment_ids because the payments are blocked. The response I get back doesn’t seem to have an ID. The location id I’m using is AJDHSJH6XBCP9.

I tested this a few more times today and I was able to recreate it if I quickly charged for the same amount multiple times. If you or the devs are able to look at the logs or the blocked report, you’ll only one blocked payment for $5 but I actually attempted to charge that value 3 times in a row.

Let me know what you find.

The risk team informed me that all of the blocked payments that that location has is included in risk manager. In our logs, we only see one attempt for $5 today at 4:57:09 AM PST (literally only one call to CreatePayment for that amount), there were not three attempts. I see about a minute before that, you did a charge for $4, which it does show up.

I just double checked my logs and you are correct. It looks like I did submit a card 3 times but 2 of the times my reject was an Invalid Card number error and one of the times was a PAN_FAILURE error.

I did some more investigation and I think if I plan to save the card to the customer, I get an invalid card number and if I do not plan to save the card number, I get a PAN_FAILURE. This makes sense because we use the Customer API and then the Payment API in the ‘saving’ scenario so a payment never happens.

I’ll check and see if this is the same scenario our user is having then.