Best api for my development for paying half and then paying rest in 45 days

I accept bookings where customer pays half down and then pays the rest in 45 days. Looking for the best api to use to accomplish this.
i have created a createpayment link to take the half down payment, but i need to do something to pay the other half and mark complete.

At this time given that payments are split between 45 day the best option would be our Invoices API. The invoice will allow you to add payment_request which will allow you to set payment schedule for the invoice, represented by one or more payment requests that define payment settings, such as amount due and due date. An invoice supports the following payment request combinations:

  • One balance
  • One deposit with one balance
  • 2–12 installments
  • One deposit with 2–12 installments

Please note that INSTALLMENT payment requests to an invoice requires an Invoices Plus subscription. :slightly_smiling_face: