Availability.updated webhook

I am thinking about creating an app (for the unboxed hackathon) where customers could book an appointment with “better times” attached. For example, a customer could book an appointment for Friday at 1PM, but Thursday at 4PM is actually a better time, but it is unavailable at the time of booking. The customer could input the “better time”, and if it becomes available, it will automatically be booked and the customer would be notified via SMS and/or email.

In order for this to work, an availability.updated webhook in the bookings API would be needed. I think this could be helpful for other applications as well.


I’m not aware of this feature today. Sounds like it’s all possible with our APIs and webhooks.

You’ll want to most likely listen for booking.updated events and if it’s canceled then you’ll be able to fill it with someones “better time”.:slightly_smiling_face:

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