Troubleshooting Webhooks for Bookings

I have successfully created an app that uses webhooks for bookings. It tests just fine, but does not notify me when there is a new booking (appointment).

Guidance please.

Hi @rrussell1907 welcome to the forums!

Do you mean that you’re not receiving webhooks when there is a new appointment? If so, what is your application id and the location id you’re not receiving webhooks for?

Yes, nothing is being sent to the Location ID when a new appointment is booked.

Application ID = sq0idp-zEv8a7eUz-JxeljuCA9CCQ

Location ID =

Thanks for your response.

Are the appointments being created via the API or via the Appointments dashboard? I believe it will only be sent for appointments created via the API.

Via the Appointments dashboard. That is disappointing. Thanks for the Information and the prompt reply.

Same issue.

It doesn’t make sense that new appts from the actual app.dont trigger these webhooks. Isn’t that the intended use? If i did it via API, i would al ready have that info info in my web app and thus not need a webhook.