Availability and SLA of Square Webhook Deliveries vs. Shopify Webhook Deliveries

What is the availability and SLA promise that Square has for webhook deliveries to customer servers? One of my clients is noticing that Shopify Webhooks are unreliable at times in their custom app and takes up to two hours to receive a order payment webhook. We rely on webhooks to modify an order object on our store with a barcode attribute so that we can display that barcode attribute on order confirmation page.

I read the Square Webooks Overview and it says “In most cases, event notifications arrive in well under 60 seconds of the associated event.” but it doesn’t specify the availability or worst case SLA. I’m aware of 72 hours being the worst case for responding to a webhook, but I am primarily asking about Square delivering the webhook to us because that’s a metric we do not have visibility to in Shopify or Square I presume.

Currently, we only have our SLO defined which you linked to. As for SLA we don’t have that publicly defined but we strive for SLO uptime. :slightly_smiling_face: