WebHook Notification

Hi we integrated Pos apis with in our java application.

  1. While using Sandbox we are able to receive the order.created notification but in production we are not receiving( verstion: 2021-05-13)
  2. We placed an order and payment is completed . We got notification from POS . but while processing the order at our end exception occured. So, we can get the same notification again

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:wave: Are these orders webhooks for payments taken with the Square app? Currently, creating an order in the Point of Sale app will not trigger an orders webhook. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes… Payment is taken from SQUARE Terminal… and How does POS retry unsuccessful webhook notifications. ?

Square makes every effort to deliver Webhook notifications as quickly as possible. In most cases notifications will arrive within 60 seconds of the associated event.

You must respond to delivered notifications within 10 seconds of their arrival with a HTTP 2xx response code in order to successfully acknowledge the receipt of the notification. If your integration responds with any other status code (including HTTP 3xx) or takes longer than 10 seconds to respond, the delivery will be considered unsuccessful.

Unsuccessful deliveries will be tried for up to 72 hours after the originating event occurred. After 72 hours have elapsed, the notification is discarded and will not be sent again. Retried notifications are sent on the following schedule:

Retry Number Time Since Last Attempted Delivery Time Since Event Occurrence (Approximate)
1 1 minute 1 minute
2 2 minutes 3 minutes
3 4 minutes 7 minutes
4 8 minutes 15 minutes
5 16 minutes 31 minutes
6 32 minutes 63 minutes
7-78 60 minutes 2-72 hours

Feel free to visit our Developer Doc for more information on Webhooks. :slightly_smiling_face: