Audible Terminal Notifications

I developed a mobile app that integrates with the orders API. Everything works perfectly on the app and sends the orders into Square. While developing this, I used an iPad to test and received notifications and everything as expected. Once I went live with my first client, they have the small Square Terminal. They get the notification and the order without a problem, the only concern is that there isn’t an audible alert to let them know they have receive an order. If they get busy in their store, this could be a real problem because they might miss the order all together! Would connecting a USB C speaker to the terminal fix this or does the terminal just not have an audible alert at all?

Thank you!

Currently, there isn’t any audible setting with the Square Terminal. :slight_smile:

Man, that’s not good news! Any other suggestions/solutions to alert the merchant when an order comes in?

Unfortunately with the Terminal there isn’t any other options. Incoming orders will trigger notifications on the device so they’ll need to make sure to check there. Otherwise the only sounds the Terminal has that’s configurable is the sounds when a customer inserts or taps a card. :slight_smile: