Apple Pay Certificate # Limitations?

Hey team!

Under the Square developer dashboard, Apple Pay > iOS, we only see the last 96 merchants - is there a limitation for the # of certificates that can be show / created?

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:wave: The team is looking into this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Bryan-Square , basically after we add a new certificate, one is deleted.

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Hey @Bryan-Square - any update on this one please?

Thank you for your patience!

Hi @Bryan-Square - it’s been more than half a year we are waiting this solution.
Can you please check why the Apple Pay certificates expired way faster than issued?
There are only 96 certificate shown in the dashboard and it looks like the other certificates are expired faster.

Can you please check? Can we find another way to create certificates without Square?


This is just a limitation of the amount of certificates you can view in the Dashboard. They shouldn’t be expiring. Are you seeing a different behavior? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan, most of our certificate expire much faster than stated in the certification time.
For example: merchant.poetica (not seen in the dashboard) , was issues and should be expired in 2023/4 and is already expired.

Can you please check why?


What’s your application ID and the merchant_id or location_id for the merchant? :slightly_smiling_face:

appId: sq0idp-x0MFuJiWiy3evQ33qcQ1Qg
merchant id: NEPFKD6F3F1YV

Hi @Bryan-Square any update on the expired certification?

Hi @Bryan-Square any update on the expired certification? This is an urgent issue that customer are asking for

The team got back to me and they say that it’s showing all the certificates correctly. You only have 96 certificates according to our records. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nope @Bryan-Square we have added hundreds of certificates but you always keep the last 96 this is exactly the bug.

Can you please refer me to the right developer because this is issue is back and force in the last year and I’m sure it’s a small fix for you guys that is specific for our account. We are the only account that have so many certificates.

Thank you for your time and patience

Some of the certificate expired before the time they are suppose to, this happens when new certificates are issued. The old certificate show this message when used in the mobile app:

{"code": "USAGE_ERROR", "debugCode": "apple_pay_nonce_request_invalid_certificate", "debugMessage": "The Apple Pay payment processing certificate is invalid. Ensure that an active certificate has been uploaded to the Square Developer Portal. See the Troubleshooting section of the Square In-App Payments SDK Getting Started Guide for more information.", "message": "Something went wrong. Please contact the developer of this application and provide them with this error code: invalid_certificate"}

This is an ongoing issue that disrupts customer experience when using the app.

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Are you creating the certificate for the same Apple account that the old one is expiring? :slightly_smiling_face:

We are creating new Apple Pay certificate and existing certificates are expiring unexpectedly.


hi @Bryan-Square - can I please request a 1:1 meeting with the Apple Pay certification developer? I can explain them exactly where the bug is and it will be much simpler. I am trying to nail this issue for more than a year now… please?

Are you able to easily replicate this? All of our attempts have result in the expected behavior of the certificate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I gave you several examples (this time and in the past) of certificates that should be valid but for some reason are expired.

In specific the one for merchant NEPFKD6F3F1YV. Any chance we can have a 1:1 call with them?


What was the date it expired and what was the date it did expire. Also what’s the Merchant ID that it was listed as in the iOS section of the Developer Dashboard.