Apple Merchant Certificate Update


Our app uses an apple merchant certificate that is due to expire soon. We received an email from apple asking us to update and to reach out to you guys.

I just wanted to confirm that we need to create a new Merchant ID within apple, rather than re-using the current Merchant ID.

Then adding whatever new details to our mobile app.

Its a Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate


:wave: I believe you can use the same Merchant ID but you’ll need to get an updated certificate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Am I able to Add another certificate to the square system with the same Merchant ID or do I need to remove and replace?

You’ll need to remove and replace the certificate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Im just checking this
Link As there is a important note under Step one, that says

If your current Apple Pay [merchant ID] already has an associated Apple Pay certificate, you must create a new merchant ID and then add a certificate for use with the In-App Payments SDK.

This I think would then require a re submission of our App, just want to be double sure that if I Remove our existing Certificate and replace with exactly the same MerchantID (With updated Cert) all will be well.


I’m not sure if an app submission would be required after you update the Apple Pay certificate. I’d recommend you check Apples requirements on that but once you replace the certificate all will be well for accepting Apple Pay within your app. :slightly_smiling_face: