Apple/Google pay

Though we used to have apple pay available on our ecommerce website it was before the migrate.
On this link Sign up for Square, we see that APPLE PAY has been Verified for Web.
Question 1:
But for iOS, it’s empty. Do we need to do this for iOS so we can accept payment on iphones ipads etc?
It’s odd because we were able to do this before.

Question 2:
How come using the link above we’re unable to see the settings for google pay?

Question 3:
< div id=“apple-pay-button”>
This displays the pay with apple on apple devices. But, is there a way to find out via javascript if the device is apple? I want to be able to put a <input type=“radio” so if the device does is apple I can this code with a radiobutton: < div id=“apple-pay-button”>

Question 4:
Does the google pay div …or apple pay div, they don’t really need a < form> < /form> or to be inside one to actually work, correct?

Thank you.

With the Web Payments SDK you only need to have Apple Pay verified for web. The iOS is for the In-App Payments SDK.

As for Google Pay there aren’t any additional steps that you need to configure in the Developer Dashboard. All you need to do is outlined in this guide. :slightly_smiling_face:

Great :slight_smile:
Can you kindly assist with question 4 above? I’m referring to the < div id=“apple-pay-button”>
Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah, in the DOMContentLoaded eventListener , add the following code after you initialize the ApplePay method:

let applePay;
try {
  applePay = await initializeApplePay(payments);
} catch (e) {
  console.error('Initializing Apple Pay failed', e);
  // There are a number of reason why Apple Pay may not be supported
  // (e.g. Browser Support, Device Support, Account). Therefore you should
  // handle
  // initialization failures, while still loading other applicable payment
  // methods.

This is in step 2 of our guide. :slightly_smiling_face:

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