API call to force sync between Square and Square Online?

I have been developing a web app that uses the Square API to update the contents of a modifier list that is specific to each item. When the app makes updates to these modifier lists, the changes need to be reflected in Square (dashboard/POS) and Square Online as close to immediately as possible. In practice, I’ve observed that the changes are consistently reflected in Square (dashboard/POS) pretty much immediately, but the changes showing up in Square Online can vary wildly - anywhere from roughly immediately to minutes or even hours. Presumably this is because the Square API operates on the “main” Square database and then there’s some background process that syncs “main” Square to Square Online and that process is utterly inconsistent.

The delays I’ve seen with changes syncing to Square Online are untenable. Interestingly, I’ve found that if I toggle the “Online Checkout - Create a payment link or buy button for this item…” for an item on and then off again in the Square dashboard, it seems to force an immediate sync of that item to Square Online. So I’m wondering:
Is there a Square API call that is the equivalent of toggling that setting in the Square dashboard?
If not, is there any other Square API call that I can make that would force an item to get immediately synced from Square to Square Online?

If there’s no solution to this, the web app I’m developing is hardly useful, so it’s a very important issue for me. Thanks.

:wave: Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve shared this with the team. Currently, there isn’t an API call that would toggle the Checkout Link so you could force a sync. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for responding. That’s unfortunate, but not unexpected I suppose. I know the inconsistent sync-to-Square Online time isn’t directly an API problem, but it really does make the API less functionally useful for clients that have a Square Online store.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why manually saving Item changes (or initiating Item changes via the API) doesn’t trigger the immediate “sync-to-Square Online” action that toggling the checkout link setting apparently does. Do you think that’s something I should contact Square Online Support about?