Adding checkout.order_id can not be set in CA using the Terminal API


This is a bummer. We make the Order ahead of time allowing the user via our app to pay a partial amount or not (since that does not work either in Canada either paying part of an order one way then the rest via Terminal API). But even if I send an Order to the terminal (eg an order I make in the Square API POST /v2/orders) and attach it to the “/v2/terminals/checkouts” we can not and this means the Terminal Checkout will make an order and payment which does not allow us to have a clear relationship to the original order for example that was partially paid or agreed to a cancelation policy (again more features that work 100% but not in CA and other places I image).

Sure I can make the order using the Terminal API but that 100% removes the ability to make the orders ahead of time and then creates two ways to do something that is already working using the Order API. All of this knowing what we made works in non Canada locations/

I guess the question here is when will it work in Canada so we do not have to work around yet another gotcha in the API?

Anyways thanks

At this time we don’t have a public roadmap for when this will be made available. This is a very popular feature request and we hope to have more for you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Seems a public roadmap would be helpful since we could vote on features and help see what is really needed etc.

We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slightly_smiling_face:

Can I get a list of countries this will not work in @Bryan-Square ? I will dig in the docs now but if you have a link that will be great

At this time orders are only supported in the US. So all our other supported regions won’t work at this time. We hope to have more for you in the future. :slightly_smiling_face: