Add value when creating checkout via square api


Is there a way to add a parameter when creating a checkout via square api, so in square dashboard in transactions instead of custom amount I can see that parameter, and also is there a way to differentiate transactions in square dashboard(transactions page again) which are created by api which not.


:wave: Checkout created with the Checkout API will allow you to add an itemized order. Are you using the Checkout API? :slightly_smiling_face:

I am using the terminal API to create Checkout for Square Terminal. Can I specify that in terminal API?

:wave: Yes, with Terminal API you can specify the amount you’d like to charge the customer in the CreateTerminalCheckout call. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes. But my question is the notes that appear in the transaction page say “Custom Amount”. Any way I can change that value when creating checkout via Square terminal API?

Yes, there is now that the Terminal API can pay for orders that are created with the Orders API. We’ve just released :rocket: Terminal API beta features including order itemization on the Terminal, delayed capture to authorize a payment upfront and collect funds later, card on file for recurring purchases, and app fees so you can monetize on payments processed via Terminal API. Learn more . :tada: