Tax charges via terminal api and payment form

Hi All,

I recently implemented TERMINAL API and also the SquarePayform ( Website ) for a client. The client has two Terminal Readers , one of which is paired to a Squarepay device code.

They recently exported their transactions from their Square account for reconciling and noticed that the tax column for transactions taken via the paired Terminal Reader and also via the online SqaurePayment form do not contain a tax amount , it’s always 0.

Although transactions that are taken from the un paired Terminal reader do contain tax amounts.

Is there a way of specifying a Tax amount as part of the Create checkout API and also the Create Payment API .


For CreateCheckout, there is no way unfortunately as it does not integrate with the Orders API.

For CreatePayment, you would want to use CreateOrder and pass in items/taxes etc and then pass in the order_id to the CreatePayment request so that it has all of these details.

Are there any plans for the CreateCheckout under the Terminal API to provide a link to an order id.

Apologies for the delay here. No ETA on when/if it will come. I’ll update this to be a feature request for Terminal API, though.