A cookie associated with a cross-site resource was set without the 'SameSite' attribute

Hey guys I’m trying to get the wallet payments to work and I’m getting the error below. This happened after chrome updated.

When i go through with the payment it never shows up on my sandbox account’s transactions tab.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

The SameSite issue is just a warning (can be ignored, will be resolved in future), but I do see you are getting a CORS error. Could you provide any more information on how you’ve set it up? I just tested Google Pay on Google Chrome and it was successful. Do you have a public url that I could take a look at?

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m testing in sandbox right now. The website is mimozas.com under Orders. If you select order a regular cake for example and fill out the info and press pay now it should give the CORS msg. Sometimes it doesnt until pressing the google pay button. It’s a bit wonky right now.

The problem seems to have sorted itself out but now i’m having issues with the payment not going through. When i click buy with google pay the form automatically goes to the success message right away instead of waiting for cardNonceResponseReceived to trigger.

I added a alert() to cardNonceResponseReceived but it doesnt seem to be getting triggered at all.

Is pressing a wallet button supposed to submit the form? Not sure what i’m doing wrong.

It is now fixed!

I added event.preventDefault() to the onclick event of the wallet buttons to prevent the automatic submission of the form which i’m generating on the go as needed in a pseudo single page website.

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