Masterpass Payment getting SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE


Got Google Pay working in the Sandbox. Now trying Masterpass.
Looks very pretty and responsive, but when it comes back to the payment form just gives

SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE - The endpoint is currently unavailable

Any reasons why that might be the case or why it would come back with that message ??

I’m using a VPN to the USA, I’m also not using https currently.

But Google Pay and the standard CC form is working fine under the same conditions.

The message is returned on entering the cardNonceReceived function.



Just to confirm, is this using the new Masterpass instructions: that was recently updated a few weeks ago? There were some small changes made to how it is integrated.

Ah, right. Nope, nothing like it. Ok, I will do it like that and let you know.



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Yes, I put in all the changes, still getting this error. Everything works like a charm
till it gets back to the page, then it gives:

{“errors”:[{“category”:“API_ERROR”,“code”:“SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE”,“detail”:“The Connect endpoint is currently unavailable.”}]}

Maybe something to do with it… when it pops up with the very first window for MasterPass it has this error in the console log:

Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404
Resource URL:
Source Map URL:

Which is funny because if I put that url in the browser, the map comes up fine.

I was able to test it and created a payment successfully using Masterpass. Can you provide your sandbox app id so I can take a look at our logs to see what’s going on?


Apologies for the delay here! Looks like there is an issue on our side but just in sandbox for Masterpass. I’m not sure of an ETA at this time when it will be resolved though unfortunately. Masterpass is working correctly in production, though.

Ok then. Might give production a try.
Also there is an image broken on the very first masterpass screen that pops up.
This is probably a sandbox issue too.

I can confirm that everything works ok in the Production environment.

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