Learn how to manage team members using the Square Team API.
Manage Seller Teams

Team Management

Square provides the Team API and Labor API to manage seller teams and automate the creation of team members, setting their job titles and wage rates, and accessing seller locations. In addition, these APIs let your application record the work hours of seller team members and export worked hours to a payroll application.

The Team API lets you create and update settings on individual team members or perform bulk create/update operations on team members. Operations include:

  • Creating team members.

  • Activating or deactivating team members.

  • Setting job titles, wage types, and wage rates.

  • Getting lists of team members with associated wage settings.

  • Searching for individual team members.

The Labor API automates all aspects shift time keeping of team members for use in a payroll application. Operations include:

  • Configuring standard work break types.

  • Updating wage settings for a team member.

  • Recording work shifts.

  • Getting a filtered, sorted, and paged list of shifts worked by team members.

  • Configuring a seller work week for calculating overtime.

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