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2023-08-16 Changelog

Square Documentation Bookings API Booking Custom Attributes API Catalog API Gift Cards API Locations API Loyalty API Orders API Payments API DEPRECATED

Version Summary


  • Bookings API:

    • BulkRetrieveBookings endpoint - New endpoint that supports the retrieval of multiple bookings in one call.

    • ListBookings endpoint - New customer_id field that supports the listing of bookings by customer ID.

  • Bookings Custom Attributes API:

  • Catalog API:

    • CatalogItem object - New is_archived field that indicates whether an item is archived (true) or not (false).

    • ArchivedState enum - New enum that supports searching for archived items, non-archived items, or both.

    • archived_state query filter - Added to the SearchCatalogItems endpoint to return archived items, non-archived items, or both.

  • Gift Cards API:

    • ListGiftCards endpoint - Increased the maximum limit value from 50 to 200. This change applies to all Square versions.

  • Locations API:

    • TaxIds object - Added the QII (Qualified Invoice Issuer) tax ID used for locations in Japan.

  • Loyalty API:

    • LoyaltyPromotionIncentivePointsMultiplierData object - The POINTS_MULTIPLIER incentive type now supports decimal multipliers (for example, earn 1.5x points):

      • Added the multiplier field, which is a string representation of a decimal. This field replaces points_multiplier.

      • Deprecated the points_multiplier field. For more information, see Migration notes.

  • Orders API:

  • Payments API:

    • Payment object:

      • Added the SQUARE_ACCOUNT value to source_type.

      • Added the square_account_details field.

    • CreatePayment endpoint - Added the customer_details field to support customer-initiated and mail-order/telephone-order (MOTO) payments.