2023-05-17 Changelog

Cash Drawer Shifts API
Catalog API
Inventory API
Invoices API
Loyalty API
Merchant Custom Attributes API
Point of Sale API
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Version summary

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New API releases

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API updates

  • Cash Drawer Shifts API:

    • CashDrawerShift object. The following fields are renamed:

      • employee_ids is now team_member_ids
      • opening_employee_id is now opening_team_member_id
      • ending_employee_id is now ending_team_member_id
      • closing_employee_id is now closing_team_member_id

      These fields previously referenced Employee objects from the retired Employees API. With this update, the fields reference TeamMember objects. You don't need to map retired Employee objects to their replacement TeamMember objects because a TeamMember object has the same ID as the Employee object that it replaces.

    • CashDrawerShiftEvent object. The employee_id field is renamed to team_member_id.

  • Catalog API:

    • CatalogModifier. Added the location_overrides field to support location-specific price overrides.
    • CatalogTax object. Added the applies_to_product_set_id field to specify a product set to apply the tax to. The tax is applied to all products in the product set.
  • Inventory API:

    • InventoryState enum:
      • The new IN_TRANSIT value indicates that the associated inventory quantity is in transit from one location to another. IN_TRANSIT replaces IN_TRANSIT_TO.
      • IN_TRANSIT_TO is now deprecated.
  • Invoices API:

    • CreateInvoice and UpdateInvoice endpoints. You can now specify the bank_account payment method as an accepted_payment_method for all invoices. Previously, this payment method only supported invoices with a single BALANCE payment request. This change applies to all Square API versions starting May 17, 2023.
  • Loyalty API:

    • AccumulateLoyaltyPoints and CalculateLoyaltyPoints endpoints. Square now returns a 400 BAD REQUEST error if the specified order includes the returns field. Square automatically adjusts loyalty points for returns during the refund flow.
  • Point of Sale API:

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Documentation updates

  • Locations API:

    • UpdateLocation endpoint. For added security, the Locations API now enforces a Square policy where a location's business_name can be changed no more than three times in a 12-month period.
    • Clarified in the Locations API documentation that sellers can have up to 300 locations in their Square account.
  • Webhooks:

    • Event objects. All webhook data and object names have been renamed from SquareEvent to Event. For example, PaymentUpdatedSquareEvent has changed to PaymentUpdatedEvent.