2022-02-16 Changelog

Payments API
Web Payments SDK
Locations API
Subscriptions API
Orders API
Loyalty API
Inventory API
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Version summary

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API updates

  • Inventory API:

  • Orders API:

    • Order object. After an order with a fulfillment is created, a seller can optionally split the fulfillment using Square products, such as the Seller Dashboard, the Point of Sale application, and Square Online websites. Until now, applications using the Orders API could could view all the fulfillments but could not determine which line item belong to which fulfillment. The Orders API now supports viewing and managing these fulfillments. OrderFulfillment objects returned in the Order.fulfillments field now contain new entries and line_item_application fields to enable applications to view which line items belong to which fulfillments. Applications can call RetrieveOrder to access an order and view fulfillments. Applications can also use UpdateOrder to update a specific order fulfillment.
  • Subscriptions API:

    • If a payload includes an invalid or unrecognized field name, it is rejected and returns an INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR.
  • Payments API:

    • Afterpay Payments. The Payments API now supports Afterpay as a payment source. Applications using the Web Payments SDK can take Afterpay payment information from buyers and generate a payment token. Applications can then call CreatePayment to charge the payment token. Afterpay support is now available in the United States and Australia.
    • CreatePayment endpoint. Developers can now use this endpoint to record $0 payments of the CASH and EXTERNAL types. For example, suppose you create an order for $20 and apply a $20 discount. You then need to make a $0 payment to set the order state to COMPLETED. Prior to this release, developers used the Orders API (PayOrder endpoint) to take $0 payments. For more information, see Orders integration.
  • Locations API:

    • OAuthPermission enum. Added the MERCHANT_PROFILE_WRITE permission required by the CreateLocation endpoint.
    • TaxIds object. Added the NIF (Numero de Identificacion Fiscal) tax ID (beta) used for locations in Spain.
  • Loyalty API:

    • LoyaltyAccount object. The enrolled_at field is now writable in a CreateLoyaltyAccount request. For more information, see LoyaltyAccount object.

      This field can be set using any Square API version that supports the CreateLoyaltyAccount endpoint. Starting on February 16, 2022, Square populates any undefined enrolled_at field with the timestamp of when the buyer first earned points or created a reward.

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