2021-06-16 Changelog

Cards API
Catalog API
Customers API
Disputes API
Gift Card Activities API
Gift Cards API
Inventory API
Invoices API
Loyalty API
Subscriptions API
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Version summary

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New API releases

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API updates

  • Catalog API:

  • Customers API:

  • Disputes API:

    • The Disputes API is now GA.
    • RemoveDisputeEvidence. Renamed to DeleteDisputeEvidence.
    • CreateDisputeEvidenceFile. The URL is changed from /v2/disputes/{dispute_id}/evidence_file to /v2/disputes/{dispute_id}/evidence-files.
    • CreateDisputeEvidenceText. The URL is changed from /v2/disputes/{dispute_id}/evidence_text to /v2/disputes/{dispute_id}/evidence-text.
    • ListDisputeEvidence. The endpoint now returns a pagination cursor and accepts a pagination cursor in requests.
    • DISPUTES_READ and DISPUTES_WRITE permissions are required for all Disputes API endpoints instead of PAYMENTS_READ and PAYMENTS_WRITE.
    • DisputeEvidence. The evidence_id field is deprecated and replaced by the id field.
    • The dispute.state.changed webhook is renamed to dispute.state.updated.
    • Dispute object. The following breaking changes are made:
      • The dispute_id field is deprecated and replaced by the id field.
      • The reported_date field is deprecated and replaced by the reported_at field.
      • The evidence_ids field is deprecated with no replacement.

    For more information about the GA release of the Disputes API, see Disputes Overview.

  • Inventory API:

    • CatalogStockConversion (Beta). Enables selling a product in multiple measurement units and lets Square sellers manage inventory counts of the product's stockable and a non-stockable variations in a self-consistent manner. For more information, see Enable Stock Conversion.
  • Invoices API:

    • CreateInvoice. The location_id field is now optional and defaults to the location ID of the associated order. If specified in the request, the value must match the location ID of the associated order. This is a service-level change that applies to all Square API versions.
  • Loyalty API:

    • LoyaltyProgramAccrualRule object. New excluded_category_ids and excluded_item_variation_ids fields that represent any categories and items that are excluded from accruing points in spend-based loyalty programs.
  • Subscriptions API:

    • Subscription. The paid_until_date field is renamed to charge_through_date.

    • UpdateSubscription. The version field is now optional because it can update only the latest version of a subscription.

    • CreateSubscription. The idempotency_key field is now optional in the request. If you do not provide it, each CreateSubscription assumes a unique (never used before) value and creates a subscription for each call.

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Documentation updates

  • Order fee structure. Documented the transaction fee related to using the Orders API with a non-Square payments provider.