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2021-05-13 Changelog

Square Sites API Snippets API Loyalty API Payments API Connect v1

Version Summary


  • Sites API. The Sites API lets you retrieve basic details about the Square Online sites that belong to a Square seller. For more information, see Sites API Overview.

  • Snippets API. The Snippets API lets you manage snippets that provide custom functionality on Square Online sites. A snippet is a script that is injected into all pages on a site, except for checkout pages. For more information, see Snippets API Overview.


The Sites API and Snippets API are publicly available to all developers as part of an early access program (EAP). For more information, see Early access program for Square Online APIs.

  • V1 APIs deprecated. V1 Payments and V1 Settlements APIs are now deprecated. For information about these APIs, see Deprecated.

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