2021-04-21 Changelog

Customers API
Invoices API
Loyalty API
Inventory API
Catalog API
Subscriptions API
Team API
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Version summary

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Existing API updates

  • Subscriptions API:

    • ResumeSubscription. This new endpoint enables applications to resume deactivated subscriptions. After a subscription is created, there are events that can make a subscription non-billable, causing Square to deactivate the subscription. A seller can also resume deactivated subscriptions in the Seller Dashboard. Applications can call ListSubscriptionEvents to determine why Square deactivated a subscription.
  • Customers API:

  • Invoices API:

    • The Invoices API has moved to the GA state.

    • Invoice object:

      • A new required accepted_payment_methods field that defines the methods of payment that customers can use to pay an invoice on the Square-hosted invoice page. Valid values are defined in the new InvoiceAcceptedPaymentMethods enum. For more information, see the migration notes.
      • A new subscription_id field, which is included in invoices created for subscription billing.
  • Loyalty API: (beta)

    • RetrieveLoyaltyProgram endpoint. This new endpoint accepts a program ID or the main keyword and returns the loyalty program in a seller's account. For more information, see Retrieve a loyalty program. This endpoint is preferred over the ListLoyaltyPrograms endpoint.

    • Introduced a new mapping implementation for loyalty accounts:

      • LoyaltyAccount object. Added the mapping field (of type LoyaltyAccountMapping), which is used to associate the loyalty account with a buyer. This field is recommended over the mappings field.
      • LoyaltyAccountMapping object. Added the phone_number field to represent a phone number mapping. This field is recommended over the type and value fields.
    • A new loyalty.program.created webhook. Square now publishes an event notification when a loyalty program is created in the Square Seller Dashboard.

  • Inventory API:

  • Catalog API:

    • CatalogItem introduces the sort_name attribute that can take Japanese writing scripts to sort items by. When it is unspecified, the regular name attribute is used for sorting.
    • CatalogPricingRule has the new customer_group_ids_any attribute included to support automatic application of discounts to specified product set purchased by members of any of the customer groups identified by the customer_group_ids_any attribute values.
  • Team API:

    • New Team webhooks: team_member.created, team_member.updated, and team_member.wage_setting.updated to notify on created and updated team members and wage settings.
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