2021-02-26 Changelog

Customers API
Orders API
Payments API
Connect v1
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Version summary

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Existing API updates

  • Customers API:

  • Orders API:

    • CreateOrder. Removed the location_id field from the request. It was an unused field.
  • Payments API:

  • v1 Items API:

  • v1 Employees.Timecards:

    • The following endpoints are retired:
      • CreateTimecard: Use the Square Labor API CreateShift endpoint.
      • DeleteTimecard: Use the Square Labor API DeleteShift endpoint.
      • ListTimecards: Use the Square Labor API SearchShifts endpoint.
      • RetrieveTimecards: Use the Square Labor API GetShift endpoint.
      • UpdateTimecard: Use the Square Labor API UpdateShift endpoint.
      • ListTimecardEvents: No direct replacement. To learn about replacing the v1 functionality, see the migration guide.
  • v1 Employees.CashDrawers:

    • The following endpoints are retired:
  • v1 Transactions.BankAccounts:

    • The following endpoints are retired:
      • ListBankAccounts: Use the Square Bank Accounts API ListBankAccounts endpoint.
      • RetrieveBankAccount: Use the Square Bank Accounts API GetBankAccount endpoint.
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  • All Square SDKs:

    By default, all SDKs send requests to Square's production (https://connect.squareup.com) or sandbox (https://connect.squareupsandbox.com) hosts based on the client's environment parameter.

    You now have the option to use a custom URL instead. To use a custom URL, follow the example for your language to set the environment parameter to custom and the customUrl parameter to your URL:

    • Java

      new SquareClient.Builder() .environment(Environment.CUSTOM) .customUrl("https://example.com")
    • .NET

      new Square.SquareClient.Builder() .Environment(Environment.Custom) .CustomUrl("https://example.com")
    • Node.js

      new Client({ environment: Environment.Custom, customUrl: 'https://example.com' });
    • PHP

      new Square\SquareClient([ 'environment' => Environment::CUSTOM, 'customUrl' => 'https://example.com', ]);
    • Python

      Client( environment = 'custom', custom_url = 'https://example.com',)
    • Ruby

      Square::Client.new( environment: 'custom', custom_url: 'https://example.com' );
  • Square .NET SDK:

    Square has overridden the Equals and GetHashCode methods for models:

    • In the Equals override, Square has implemented a field-level comparison.
    • The Square GetHashCode override now ensures that hashes are deterministic and unique for each object.
  • Square Node.js SDK:

    Endpoints that return 64-bit integers now return a BigInt object instead of a Number object.

  • Connect Node.js SDK: (deprecated)

    The deprecated Connect Node.js SDK is in the security maintenance state. It will not receive any bug fixes or API updates from the Square version 2021-02-26 release. However, the SDK will receive support and security patches until it is retired (end of life) in the second quarter of 2021. For more information, including steps for migrating to the Square Node.js SDK, see the Connect SDK README.

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Documentation updates

  • Catalog API:

  • Inventory API:

  • Get Started topic. Revised the Get Started experience. In addition to clarifications, it now includes the use of the Square Sandbox and API Explorer. These are the tools and environments developers use to explore Square APIs.