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Create shift



Creates a new Shift.

A Shift represents a complete workday for a single team member. You must provide the following values in your request to this endpoint:

  • location_id
  • team_member_id
  • start_at

An attempt to create a new Shift can result in a BAD_REQUEST error when:

  • The status of the new Shift is OPEN and the team member has another shift with an OPEN status.
  • The start_at date is in the future.
  • The start_at or end_at date overlaps another shift for the same team member.
  • The Break instances are set in the request and a break start_at is before the Shift.start_at, a break end_at is after the Shift.end_at, or both.
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Request body

Example code

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A unique string value to ensure the idempotency of the operation.

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The Shift to be created.

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Response fields

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The Shift that was created on the request.

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Any errors that occurred during the request.