2020-11-18 Changelog

Bookings API
Payments API
Orders API
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Version summary

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New API releases

  • Bookings API (beta). The Bookings API lets you create applications to set up and manage bookings for appointments of fixed duration in which selected staff members of a Square seller provide specified services in supported locations for particular customers.
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Existing API updates

  • Payments API:
    • Payment. The object now includes the risk_evaluation field to identify the Square-assigned risk level associated with the payment. Sellers can use this information to provide the goods and services or refund the payment.
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New SDK release

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Documentation updates

  • The Testing topics are moved from the end of the table of contents to the top, in the Home section under Testing your Application.
  • Pay for Orders. The topic is revised to add clarity for when to use the Payments API and Orders API to pay for an order. The Orders integration section for the Payments API is simplified accordingly.