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Location Custom Attributes API

Create location custom attribute definitionBeta



Use this endpoint to define a custom attribute that can be associated with locations. A custom attribute definition specifies the key, visibility, schema, and other properties for a custom attribute. After the definition is created, you can call UpsertLocationCustomAttribute or BulkUpsertLocationCustomAttributes to set the custom attribute for locations.

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Request body

Example code

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The custom attribute definition to create. Note the following:

  • With the exception of the Selection data type, the schema is specified as a simple URL to the JSON schema definition hosted on the Square CDN. For more information, including supported values and constraints, see Supported data types.
  • name is required unless visibility is set to VISIBILITY_HIDDEN.
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A unique identifier for this request, used to ensure idempotency. For more information, see Idempotency.

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Response fields

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The new custom attribute definition.

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Any errors that occurred during the request.