Why we sometimes get status: 503 from call catalog API

I use CatalogApi() from square connect SKD (nodejs evnvironment) to obtain catalog object. Most of time there is no error happened. But sometimes, it failed to obtain catalog object using CatalogApi().
It returns status: 503. But after a certain times retry, it accomplished successfully.

The catalog id used in API cames from catalog_object_id field, which exists in each line_item of square order.

Is it a bug or sth?

We shouldn’t be returning any 500 errors - what’s your app id so I can provide logs to our Catalog team?


Actually I met the same issue on another application before, so I don’t think it is related to specific application. Here is the incomplete log:

text: ‘upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection termination’,

statusCode: 503,
status: 503,
statusType: 5,
info: false,
ok: false,
redirect: false,
clientError: false,
serverError: true,

Apologies for the delay. I’ve shared this with our Catalog team and will follow up once I have more information.