Why is there a difference in return value between sandbox and production?

I am using Search catalog objects in catalogapi, but the values returned in sandbox and production are different.

location_overrides is returned in sandbox but not in production. why is that?

This is the expected behavior. The sandbox objects will have different IDs from the production objects. :slight_smile:

Where is it mentioned in the documentation?

Our sandbox documentation covers mentions that the Square Sandbox consists of a free, isolated server environment, a set of Sandbox seller test accounts, and a Sandbox Seller Dashboard for each account. While it doesn’t specifically say anything about items its a separate account and with Square’s account model, each account will have separate item IDs. :slight_smile:

the current,
Batch retrieve inventory counts is used to retrieve inventory in bulk.
In order to narrow down the target, Sandbox obtains location_ids and catalog_object_ids from Search catalog objects.
How do I get location_ids and catalog_object_ids in Production?

With the Catalog API and Locations API you can get the production IDs. :slightly_smiling_face: