Webhooks stopped sending in sandbox

Hi i’ve been testing and using webhooks for weeks now with no issues and suddenly stopped receiving notifications yesterday afternoon 8/31 PST and still nothing today. my code hasnt changed. i deleted and re added the hook and updated the API to the latest version to see if this would solve it but no luck. i can provide my app id or any order id’s if that will help. Specifically using order.fulfillment.updated endpoint


Hi @danc welcome to the forums!

Thanks for reporting this. Do you mind sharing your application id and I’ll check our logs to see if there’s anything going on?

Hi - Thanks!
AppId: sandbox-sq0idb-0b6MNb6W4w3UsQCRB_EW-w

Thanks for providing that. I do see that the last one was yesterday afternoon. Do you have an order_id that you’ve updated since then just so I can confirm it should’ve been sent?

Thanks - here is one from 11:46 PST today

i can also create a new one so you can observe in real time if needed

Looks like it was an issue on our side, and we just resolved it. The pending webhooks should’ve been sent (should’ve only affected orders webhooks). Let me know if you see otherwise, though!

Working now
Thanks! i really appreciate your prompt response