Catalog item updated webhook issue?

Any issues with it?
I can send/receive test events but when i update catalog items i don’t receive the webhook event.
It stopped working just recently for me.
Yesterday it was ok.

Not that I’ve heard of; I just tested on my production account and received a webhook immediately after editing an item. Can you share your app id and a sample catalog object id that didn’t send a webhook?

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First of all, i want to mention that the problem is still there and my colleague is also facing it while using his own app, his own dev webhook, etc.

My app id: sq0idp-7xbXlwXS14Jx6UslaYBm-A

Thanks for sharing that. So that item lives in sandbox, so to be clear you would only get webhooks in sandbox for changing it, not in production.

Your sandbox app id as far as I can see is sandbox-sq0idb-5P7DNs8QyQLf0Dh4HVmOrg, which has 159 catalog.version.updated webhooks that have been sent in the last 3 days. With that said, they all look like retries, so it appears you’re not actually receiving or responding to us, so they’re probably not being seen by you. They’re being sent to an ngrok server you provided, so make sure it’s actually running if you’re trying to test this.

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding something here though.

@sjosey i think it’s better if i show you a screencast of the issue so we skip a lot of (reasonable) assumptions that I’m missing something obvious. I don’t think i am…

Please have a look at the screencast

And here is my webhook settings screenshot: