Catalog updated event hasn't been sent


We found that when merchant client change the modifier list of an item, we can receive the catalog updated webhook event successfully.

When they assign a new modifier list to an item or remove a modifier list from an item, we can still receive the event, however, the enabled filed wouldn’t been updated immediately in some cases, it will turn to True after about 2 minutes and won’t send the webhook event again.

In this case, our menu sync system won’t be able to catch the value True as it doesn’t get the webhook event and it confuses the merchant client that the modifier list status are different on Square and our system.

We want to know is it a bug or an expected behavior?

What’s the application ID and the merchant_id of the seller that your seeing this behavior with so the team can take a look? It’s possible that there are some asynchronies functions that have to finish before it’s retrievable by the API but 2 minutes seems like an awful long time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Merchant id: BDGPYJVZ9MNZ6
App id: sq0idp-JlogjOwvnkjWIjwdaK1BAw