Webhook & Full Width Images for Locations API

We’re excited to announce webhook support on our Locations API! Now you can receive notifications for when a location has been created or updated. Find out more in the Webhook Documentation.

Additionally, we’ve also launched support for Full Width Images on our Locations API! Prior to this, we only supported a framed, square-shaped logo, but now, Sellers are able to load a Full Width image via their dashboard and Developers can read the value of the image URL. More details about the attribute can be found in our API documentation.

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Do you have any updates as to when open order tracking (ie: tabs) will be added to the API? I know that countless developers are waiting for this feature to be released. Thanks

I unfortunately do not have an update as to when open order tracking would be added to the API. If you haven’t already, its really helpful to open a topic under Feature Requests, so our product team can track that.

Thanks for the reply, I had submitted a feature request for this about 2 years ago…I’m not sure how to find the original topic.

Are you able to look it up?