Web Hooks on Orders API

Hi Everyone, The Orders API team is working to improve support for Web Hooks on the Orders API . If you are willing to share your thoughts and experiences working with the Orders API, please reply to this message and I will reach out with a few questions.
Mark Lummus
Orders API Product Manager

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Hi, we really need the complete fulfillment information for Picku and Delivery when we retrieve our Online Orders using the API. Bryan mentioned a beta testing and we asked him to add us to it but he hasn’t confirmed if he can do it. Can you get us there?

Oh, and the other issue that amazed us when we found out about it is, how is it possible that the Online order #, what Bryan called Short ID, is missing in the response when retrieving the order with the API? That is the only unique identifier we can use with our customers and contractors to find the orders and we need it in the API response when retrieving the Order or as part of the webhooks in order to add it to our external systems and let our contractors have it, so they can talk with our customers and find their orders. Customers that have 1 order, well it’s easy, but what about customers with tons of orders? the Order Number is the only way. Can you add it to the responses in the Order API when retrieving the orders?

Please stay in touch with Bryan about testing any new web hook features that we introduce.

the Short ID issue is another thing entirely. We’re looking at options, but don’t have a solution yet.

Thx for the quick answer. Let me ask you for an alternative to the Order # (Short id) missing. There should be a way to give the customer a unique tracking id on each order, so, we all can find an order when talking with them. 1 option is to allow us to add a custom field to the order that we can bring into the notification email sent to the customer, so, we can produce our own unique ‘tracking id’, add it using the API and then the customer and us will have it. Is it possible? to add a custom field from the order to the notification email? so the customer has it when he communicates with us?

can you be more specific about the notification email? is that something that Square is sending?

Also, you mentioned the ability to add a custom field to the order. Is this a general need for you? Many of the APIs at Square are starting to introduce the ability to add Custom Attributes.

@mlummus Hello Mark!

Could you please consider to add site_id to order API? So we can recognize which site order come from. It just return Square Online Store for the source at this time.

Lam @judge.me

Order ID changes when a partial refund is made. It would be great to have the original order id (as well) in the data model all the way through.

If multiple refunds occur, the original order id should be that from the first order.

Without this, it is tricky to keep track of the order updates coming via the webhooks. As we keep a single order record (instead of your many) and update it from the webhook.

We tried to use the orders api for pick up & delivery orders but ran into 2 problems:

  1. We wanted to integrated all our online delivery orders to our delivery management software but found that all our local delivery orders & in store table QR code orders both came through as fulfilment delivery meaning we couldn’t separate the 2.

  2. The customers delivery address wasn’t showing on delivery orders.

How are the in store orders being completed. Is it with the Square Online store?

Also unfortunately, the ability to retrieve the delivery details from a Square Online Store delivery order are not currently available for the Orders API. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Bryan-Square, we know the delivery details are not available for Orders API, we’ve been discussing it for weeks if not months now. The question you keep ignoring is about the beta testing. You mention a beta testing coming to the public long time ago. Can you be more specific about this? when will be it release to the public? usually there is an alpha testing before the beta? can we be added to it and give you feedback about how does it work?

A few more clarifying question on use of webhooks:

  1. for the existing Orders webhooks, what’s your process when you receive the webhook? How can we improve that?

  2. Are there other webhooks we should provide for Orders?

  3. Is the current webhook payload sufficient or should we include the full Order?