Order id changing randomly, can it be setup to stay?

We get orders out of Square all the time using the API but we have a case of an order that was sent 7 times and we got 7 orders created in our system all with different orders_ids. The order id is the unique identifier we can use to identify orders created in our 3rd party system. The next 7 order ids show up the same order in Square. Why does Square renews the orders ids? Our system got the 1st order with the 1st order id, but almost at the same time got 6 webhook notifications each with a different order id. How can we identify the orders if it’s not by the order id? Is there are a way to stop the order id to change?


The payments associated to those orders are declined. I believe the online store will create new orders for every attempt. Are you checking the status of the payments to confirm that the payment was successful? :slightly_smiling_face: