Is order ID unique for ALL restaurants in a location (e.g. city or country)?

In the documentation, Order ID is said to be unique:

Is this order ID unique for ALL restaurants in a location (e.g. city/country)? That is, will different orders from different restaurants which are nearby in a physical location (say a city/country) also have IDs which are guaranteed to be unique from each other?
Or is there a probability that 2 orders from 2 different restaurants can have the same Order ID?

I need to know as what I am working on is a unique application. I need to know if all order ids in Square are unique to each other, regardless of the restaurant or merchant, or not. Thanks in advance!

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Also, I have the exact same questions for Location ID in Orders API?.
Is it unique across all of Square, regardless of the business or its location or proximity?

Thanks a lot in advance, this is really helping me use Square!

Order ids are unique across all merchants, same thing for location id (and merchant id for that matter).

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Wow, even internationally, wherever Square is used?

That’s a great feature, if so, and very useful. Thank you so much!

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Yes, that is correct! :smiley:

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Thank you, I apperciate your help as always! :smiley:

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Hi, I can’t find this information in the references, but is order “reference_id” enforced to be unique per merchant or merchant-location?

Is “reference_id” user-facing?

thank you!

The reference_id is a client-specified ID to associate an entity in another system with an order. There’s no requirement from Square on if it needs to be unique or not. :slightly_smiling_face: