Web Payments - Complete payments, issue refunds through dashboard

Hi Team!

We are trying out Square web payments (JS+PHP stack).
We want to first authorize the payment and capture it later. We’ve successfully done this by setting $body->setAutocomplete(false);
However I would expect the authorized payments to show up in the dashboard, by filtering by “All statuses”. Shouldn’t that be the case? I’m looking at the Sandbox environment. Would that change when in Prod?

Also in the Sandbox environment I’m not sure how I can issue a refund for a completed payment through the dashboard.

Thanks in advance!

At this time only completed payments will show in the Seller Dashboard. Any payment that’s in an AUTHORIZED state won’t show in the Dashboard till completed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the reply.
That applies to both the Sandbox and prod, right?

I also found out the refund button doesn’t show up in the sandbox dashboard, but shows up on prod, so all good.


Yes, that’s correct. It works for both sandbox and production. Also yes the refund button doesn’t show in sandbox cause it doesn’t work in sandbox. Only refunds through the Refunds API work in sandbox at this time. :slightly_smiling_face: