0 COMPLETE TRANSACTIONS in sandbox dashboard transaction

Dear team,

in sandbox env, i created some orders and some payments via the order API and payment API,
both the orders and payments are in status COMPLETE when i retrieved them via API.

however when i looked at sandbox dashboard, i noticed it’s 0 COMPLETE TRANSACTIONS while these payments are listed below, these payments are also not involved in the sales summary in report.

the popup tips shows ‘Transactions are not counted until they are fully paid.’, does it mean the payments with COMPLETE status are not fully paid? in that case, what should i do to make them fully paid?


Whats your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

it’s sandbox-sq0idb-9E_6M33gYGnvvWRnqeNUdg

What browser are you using? It loaded properly for me.

i’m using chrome,
could you please filter the data created today (Oct 23th)?

@Bryan-Square maybe this situation is only related to sandbox env?
just now i tried creating a cash payment with payment API in square production env and the payment is counted as completed transactions in the production seller dashboard,
but when i created the same cash payment in square sandbox env, it’s not counted as completed transactions in the sandbox seller dashboard

dear team,

our prod release is pending on it now, it will be highly appreciated if you can help to look into it.

many thanks.

This issue isn’t effecting production. It’s isolated to sandbox. The team is looking into this and I’ll be sure to provide any updates. :slightly_smiling_face:

i see, thanks so much :slight_smile: