Virtual Terminal in sandbox broken

Hi there, we have an integration with the square api which works just fine however, for testing purposes, I’ve been working on the sandbox to create some test records but these past two days the “Virtual Terminal” in sandbox mode where you can record payments seems to be broken.

Screen just stays blank, after inspecting the browser it seems there is a permission error with one of the assets:

If you actually try to access the file through the browser you get indeed a permission error on the file:

So while this is in sandbox and is not a showstopper I would love for it to work again as I’m writing some internal documentation for other developers where I need to take some screenshots.

Would love to know if this is a known issue or maybe is just my account?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @gusrub welcome to the forums!

Thanks for reporting this, this was actually resolved around the time you submitted this (3 hours ago), but it was definitely an issue on our side. Please let me know if you’re still seeing issues on your side, of course!

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Oh yeah, I noticed that, as soon as I posted this, 15 minutes later everything was working again. Thanks again!