Update verification required transaction on square

Hi there,

So, I am working on 3DS integration. The problem is most of the transactions on our project are merchant initiated or off-session. According to square docs, the off-session payments are out of scope of SCA. So, I am following an approach, in which if payment is failed due to verification requirement then I perform transaction by the customer by sending him notification.

My question is, is it possible to charge the already failed transaction or I have to create a new one? Can we update the amount of verification failed transaction?

Also, Please confirm, does square make a record of verification required transactions on dashboard? I ma currently, checking it on sandbox and it is not visible in the sandbox transactions dashboard?

Looking forward for the reply.

If a payment fails due to a verification failure that payment can’t be completed. You will need to create a new payment to charge the customer.

Also failed payments will not show in the seller Dashboard. They are available via the Payments API however there isn’t currently a report in the Dashboard available. :slightly_smiling_face: