Failed to perform 3DS authentication

i am using square payment gate way on my web application. When i try to add a card on file yesterday, i am getting error as shown in below picture:

What could be the problem? I have followed official doc in integrating square to my platform.

What was the time that you got this error and what’s your application ID? :slightly_smiling_face:

application id is sq0idp-jbdpr2nwa6LuOO1aHqwyPQ, and error shown was around 4:25pm UK Timing on tuesday.

Looks liken the attempt failed cause of failure to verify the buyers information. It looks like a verification_token was included in the request but they can still fail verification when trying to save the card on file. Has the customer contacted their bank to ensure that they have the correct information on file? :slightly_smiling_face: