Trying to find a V2 webhook API

I’m trying to upgrade from using the V1 to V2 Square APIs, but I’m not seeing any documentation on a V2 API for webhooks. Does anyone know if something like this exists?

:wave: Currently there isn’t an API to subscribe to v2 webhooks. To subscribe to events you will need to do so in the Developer Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

What if I need to do that programmatically?

For example, webhooks for our app will need to send to a unique URL per installation. That doesn’t seem possible to do in the developer dashboard.

Also, is the v1 webhook API deprecated?

At this time programmatically setting a unique URL per installation for webhooks isn’t currently available.

Yes, all v1 webhooks are deprecated.

I am shocked and dismayed to find that out.

For each installation are you using OAuth?