Need some clarification for your end

@Team hope you are doing well, I’ve read the square pos API Doc but can’t find any endpoint to subscribe webhook event programmatically can you please suggest to me it is available or not.
if yes please provide me endpoint details.

My second question is regarding category API. Again I can’t find any endpoint in V2 for category API, so for now I’m using V1 /categories API.
so I need clarification from your end it’s available in v2 or not, if it is available please give me endpoint details.
Thanks In Advance

Hi @madhupatel welcome to the forums!

For V2 webhooks, there is no way to programmatically set the webhook subscriptions. It’s completely handled by your dashboard at this time, but it should just be a one-time setting (unless you need to change webhooks in the future).

All catalog objects (including categories) can be found in the V2 Catalog API. For instance, you can call ListCatalog and pass in the types array == “CATEGORY” to find all categories in your catalog.