Tip reporting daily breakout

Hi all,

We’re trying to utilize the API with Power Automate to facilitate tip reporting. Our biggest issue is if you pull the Team Sales report from the dashboard for a date range it doesn’t break out sales/tips by date, instead it combines them for the range. I am currently working on an automation that pulls tips daily and dates them, however I’m unable to find a simple API call for tips that discloses which employee was on it without dumping every order for that day.

Is there a way to have the API pull (or email) the Team Sales report daily?

The Square API does not currently support directly pulling the Team Sales report. However, you can use the Payments API to retrieve payments for a specific date range. Each payment object includes a tipping_money field that shows the tip amount for the payment, and a team_member_id field that indicates the team member who processed the payment. By iterating over the payments for a specific date, you can calculate the total tips for each team member for that day. Please note that this approach requires you to handle the aggregation and calculation of the data on your end.

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@tyler.sheehy, We have a new Tip Reporting sample app available that we release today. Its listed in our Staff sample applications. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Brian! I’ll look into this. We found that Reporting > Transactions is able to filter by date when exported to a CSV and using a pivot table. Unsure why it’s not in the Reports section though, that took a while to find.