Tip Report for Employees


I work in a brewery where we implemented Square (non restaurant POS). We want our employees to see the total daily tips via a report but don’t want them to see gross sales. It appears that custom report building allows blocks to be added to the reports but Sales Summary blocks contain gross sales along with tips. Any workaround to this?

:wave: If you’re using the Square generated reports in the Dashboard there isn’t currently any workaround. If you’re going to build a report with our APIs you can use the Payments API to pull in all the payments for that day and group them by team member cause the payments have the team_member_id. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. As bartenders, we pool tips so we are looking to view total tips. Our payroll manager then splits the tips based on when the bartenders were working. For example, if 12-7pm there were 2 bartenders a 2 way split occurs. From 7-10pm, there may be 3 bartenders and a 3 way split occurs. We do not track tips by employee although we may or may not log in using our pin ID while working. I read about a “Team Member Report” that may give us what we need or perhaps Square can provide a custom report for us to utilize. I find it hard to believe that Square doesn’t allow a total tip review option permission set. This seems like a system limitation.

It sounds like you’re just using the Square Dashboard generated reports. Are you looking to build a custom report with our APIs? This Forum is for our Developer Community that are building custom solutions with our developer tools. You’ll probably want to reach out to our Seller Community with this ask. They advocates there will be able to assist. :slightly_smiling_face: