Questions about Shifts function - pool tips per tranaction

Dear team,

we are going to start using Square shift function, we have read through square documents, but there are still a few questions we didn’t find answer and would like to check with you:

  1. we noticed in seller dashboard there is a tips setting “Distribute unattributed tips equally” described as "Tips received when no one is clocked in will be equally distributed among all tip-eligible team members who clocked in on that workday.",
    does the order or payment of the tips have to be created before all team members clocked out? for example, after all team members clocked out, then there is a new order and a payment with tips created, then will all team members still can earn the tips? assuming all of them are tip-eligible.

  2. about cash tips, our expectation is, we don’t record the cash tips amount for each payment/staff, but put cash tips from all payments and staffs together, and then share equally with each staff at the end of the day.
    a. we noticed there is shift API to add cash tips to some team member’s shift, but is there any API to input the total cash tips amount for the day, not based on some team member’s shift?
    b. if there is not such API as above a. mentioned, and we have to input the cash tips amount based on team member’s shift, then assuming our application calls API to add the total cash tips amount for the day to a specific team member’s shift, and it’s done after all team members clocked out, will this total cash tips be equally distributed amount all tip-eligible team members as well?


The setting “Distribute unattributed tips equally” is designed to distribute tips that were received when no specific team member was clocked in. If all team members have clocked out and a new order with tips is processed, these tips would be considered unattributed. As long as the tips were received on the same workday, they should be distributed equally among all tip-eligible team members who worked that day. However, it’s important to note that the distribution would typically occur during the next business day’s processing to account for any late transactions.

As for cash tips if they’re not recorded on the cash payments taken with Square then there isn’t a way to add total cash tips for the shift. They will need to be added to each team members shift individually. :slightly_smiling_face: