Terminal checkout stuck in "CANCEL_REQUESTED" state

One of our terminal checkouts appears to have got stuck in the “CANCEL_REQUESTED” state. It is checkout ID fOt5OIDwc7WqO.

It’s been in the “CANCEL_REQUESTED” state for nearly two hours.

This is what I see if I look in the API explorer:

  "checkout": {
    "id": "fOt5OIDwc7WqO",
    "amount_money": {
      "amount": 520,
      "currency": "GBP"
    "reference_id": "1050112",
    "note": "Transaction 919002 payment 1050112",
    "device_options": {
      "device_id": "238CS145B2003056",
      "collect_signature": true,
      "tip_settings": {
        "allow_tipping": false
      "skip_receipt_screen": true
    "status": "CANCEL_REQUESTED",
    "created_at": "2023-09-09T14:00:41.541Z",
    "updated_at": "2023-09-09T15:46:19.154Z",
    "app_id": "sq0idp-ks4judTCWHPcDz85hCk7qg",
    "deadline_duration": "PT5M",
    "cancel_reason": "SELLER_CANCELED",
    "location_id": "L8MSBCS94TPG5",
    "payment_type": "CARD_PRESENT",
    "payment_options": {
      "autocomplete": true

Will this ever resolve to the “CANCELED” state?

Looking at the checkout now its status is CANCELED. I also see the logs and it was in a CANCEL_REQUESTED state for quite some time. I’m reaching out to the team about this. :slight_smile: